2012 Air Tractor 802A N802JT
2012 Air Tractor 802A

Aircraft: 802A-0447

               Approx TT ~5,151

Engine: PT6A-65AG

Propeller: Hartzell HC-B5MP-3F

Standard Equipment: 3" spray system, large streamlined lowered 1-3/4" aluminum booms, 3" bottom loading valve, Weath-Aero pump fan, 800 gallon fiberglass hopper, pump shut-off valve, 3-color polyurethane paint finish, 32" low-pressure tires with dual 4-piston brakes, electronically operated high lift flaps, 5-blade constant speed reversing Hartzell shot peened propeller with polished spinner, engine ram air induction, 300 amp starter-generator, 254 gallon fuel tanks, strobe lights, night work lights, nose mounted taxi lights, attitude gyro, turn windows, turn lights, air conditioned, windshield washer and wiper, cabin heater, fuel flowmeter and 18 gallon hopper rinse tank. 


Optional Equipment: Smoker, Wingman, 10" Gate w/Vondran Controller, Bantam w/Flowcontrol, LED Pulse Lights and Hatfield Single Point Fuel

Fresh Annual and HSI

1,228 since Tail Spring and MLG replaced

630 Since FCU, Fuel Pump and Starter Generator Overhaul

630 Since New CT Blades, Segments and Outer Liner Repaired

630 Since IRAN