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2015 Air Tractor 502B N3081V

2015 Air Tractor 502B N3081V

Aircraft: 502B-3029

              Approx TT 2,706.3    


Engine: PT6A-34AG

             Approx TT 2,706.3


Propeller: Hartzell HC-B3TN-3D



Standard Equipment: 2" spray system, large streamlined booms, 2" bottom loading valve, 500 gallon fiberglass hopper, pump shut-off valve, 3-color polyurethane paint finish, 29X11 high-floation tires and wheels with dual 3-piston brakes, electrically operated high-lift flaps, 3-blade constant-speed reversing Hartzell propeller, 250 amp starter-generator, 170 gallon fuel tanks, strobe lights, turn windows, nose mounted landing lights, attitude gyro, windshield washer & wiper and hopper rinse tank.



Optional Equipment: Stainless Steel Cam Locks, Wingman, Bantam w/Flowcontrol, Smoker, Electric Brake Gr. Adj., GTR 205, GTX 335 & Hatfield Single Point Fuel 

0 Since Propeller Overhaul

0 Since Starter Generator Overhaul

0 Since HSI including CT Vane Overhaul, New Segments, Liner Overhaul

0 Since Fresh Annual and Refurb done at Frost Flying Maintenance

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